How To Use Others Input As Jet Fuel For Your Success

 In this Episode: Annette Comer and Aileen Castellano reveal the three most common voices you are listening to. By beginning to question whether these voices are good or bad, you will learn to identify if they are coming from the right source.

Some information they discussed in this conversation:

  • How do you choose the voices you listen to?
  • Why is questioning where they come from important?
  • How do negative voices affect you?
  • Why does the source of the voice impact you in different ways?
  • How do you determine whether a voice is good or bad?

Key Podcast Moments You Don’t Want To Miss

[01:50] Introduction to the three common sources of voices you are listening to.

[04:20] Early programming.

[07:05] Trusted source.

[09:45] External noise.

[13:22] Reflecting on these voices.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Music: Hallon by Christian Bjoerklund


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About Our Hosts

Annette Comer is a women leadership expert who helps women become savvy business leaders who know how to play the game of business to win without losing their authentic selves.  She is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, 7-figure Entrepreneur and founder of the World’s Greatest Women Academy. Her background includes 20 years in the corporate world in a variety of management roles as well as decades as a successful entrepreneur. She has received two patents and The National Association of Professional Women deemed her Woman of The Year. 


Aileen Castellano is an authenticity expert who helps women tap into the greatness within them so they are able to show up authentically in a place of power.  She is an Entrepreneur and High-Performance Coach for global women leaders, Inspirational Speaker, and International Best-Selling Author of Heal Your Past & Live Today. Aileen has over 18 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Mediator and is the founder of Inspired Wisdom. Her vast knowledge in psychotherapy, regression therapy, meditation, and emotional energy healing techniques have made a powerful transformational impact on her clients.


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