How To Want More, Be More, Have More

Feb 08, 2021

If you are a driven woman, then wanting more is part of your DNA.  You want more knowledge, more adventures, more loving relationships and yes, maybe even more money. and you want to be the best you can be - to maximize your full God-given potential. But just wanting isn’t enough.  You have to set yourself up for achieving your wants.  

There are 3 ways to allow yourself to have more, be more and want more. It starts with Giving yourself permission. Let me show you what this might look like in your business environment. When you put yourself in a man’s world, all the vibes tell you to stay in your place…whatever someone else defines as your place. Society is telling you you should not want more, much less have it. But when you give yourself permission to want more, it means you refuse to accept someone else’s definition of what is enough for you.

This is also about not allowing others to push you into a corner that you have to just live with.  When you allow this, you lose self-confidence and start to believe you are not worthy of wanting more, much less being or having more. 

To give yourself permission to want more, it has to start with boundaries. These boundaries are about your decisions of what you accept and allow others to impose upon you. When you don’t have these boundaries, you give up your power and willingly hand over the control of your success to someone else. Then you stop being a warrior on a quest to win, and instead surrender and accept defeat.  And then your self-confidence is flushed away.

Another way to allow yourself to want more, be more and have more is to allow yourself to be uncomfortable. This is going to show up whenever you allow yourself to want more, so come to expect it. It's part of the expansion process.   When you allow yourself to have bigger dreams, bigger ideas and to really matter, you have to realize you will become more visible and more vulnerable. 

The way you deal with this is by first admitting that you are uncomfortable and secondly, realizing that the discomfort is not going to kill you! 

For you to grow you have to be uncomfortable. So, settle in, grab a piece of chocolate and say, yes, this sure feels uncomfortable. You don’t have to do anymore than this… just sit with it….nothing more.

The last way I want to share to want more, be more and have more is to Expect and Accept Expansion.  Because you have done the work as a high achiever, you will have good results so expect this to happen. And when it comes, don’t discount it but instead accept it with gratitude.

This is a challenge for women when they move into allowing themselves to want more. So, the key is to make a shift in the way you think.  Instead of saying what I want might happen, instead say it will happen and I will welcome it. But I have found there is often an internal battle that happens for many women…especially high-performance women.  They want something so bad yet they have this internal voice that says “can I really pull this off?”. This then starts to ding their self-confidence. Many of you may not even be aware of this battle and if you would never say it out loud.  

However, something magical happens when you expect and accept expansion. You start to trust in yourself and begin to believe in the process. It becomes a rinse and repeat – the more you expect and accept expansion the easier it becomes to expect and accept expansion. 

So let me challenge you to look at your life as it is now.  Where can you step into a place of expecting and accepting expansion?  Maybe it is something in your career or maybe it is even something personal like your workout routine. In this last example, perhaps you start expecting and accepting that each time you lift that heavy weight it will get easier.  And that “expansion” will come.  And from this, your confidence starts to build to higher and higher levels. The same happens in the business world.

It’s time to stop limiting yourself and what is possible for you.  Allow yourself to want more, be more and have more.  Once you do, the Universe will deliver.

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