How To Be Seen and Heard More (No Matter How Uncomfortable it Feels!)

A 3-step process that will up-level your confidence FAST.


with Annette Comer

World’s Greatest Women Academy

Advanced training for women leaders who seek executive presence that exudes the WOW factor.

Why do men seem to reach the top leader positions so much easier then women? It comes down to how they access situations, how they talk and how they train their minds to think quickly when evaluating risk. Think about it.  If you could master these and tune into the vibes you project plus sharpen your ability to leverage your intuition, then your life changes forever. When you are this type of leader, any dreams you have can become reality.


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Personal Power…Your Golden Ticket to Success!

The #1 key to great leadership is learning how to influence others through strong personal power.

Mastering the skill of personal powerjust makes life easier overall. You get co-workers or employees to do what is needed. Convincing those at home to pitch in becomes a non-event. And negotiating the best deals becomes the norm.

This is all possible with a simple 5-step process. This process allows you to become the conductor of your life and to influence others with integrity and confidence.

Let me show you how easy it can be.  


How To Regain Control of Your Time.

Over the years, I have used this powerful 3-step technique to take control of my day. Without it, the day would often get away from me and I would find myself stressed and disappointed.

This technique uses a computer mindset approach to simplify the complexities of the day. With this you will know when to say “no” and when to “yes” and how to stay focused on the right priorities.

Here are the 3-steps that assures everything that needs to get done actually gets done!


How to Go From Chaos to Order.

 The more you step into a leadership role, it seems the more chaotic and exhausting life can be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple 5-step methodology can leave you feeling more energetic and joyful. Your relationships can become deeper and happier.  And your life can just feel sweeter and more satisfying.

The secret is BALANCE.

And it is not as hard as you think. Let me show you how.


Meet Annette Comer

Annette Comer is the founder of the World's Greatest Women Academy - an exclusive training event for driven women looking to develop the skills necessary to compete and thrive in a male dominated space. Her no-non sense approach is rich with knowledge from science based research studies as well as her own play book of how she has successfully worked with men in all types of situations...from Fortune 50 companies to billion dollar entrepreneurial endeavors. 



By Annette Comer

RESCUE ME! How to Save Yourself and Your Sanity When Things Go Wrong

This best-selling book is a revealing true story of a sister who refuses to let her brother fail in his business in spite of many obstacles and mistakes. In RESCUE ME!, you will learn to simply and effectively ease stress, tackle fear, identify opportunities, find the right people for your team, and get what you want or need just by asking. The unique insights presented can save you and your business when things go wrong and lead you to a lifetime of success.


How To Be Seen and Heard More (No Matter How Uncomfortable it Feels!)

A 3-step process that will up-level your confidence FAST.


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