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"I felt I need more skills to be the business woman I wanted to be after retirement. Annette taught me skills I didn't even know I was missing. "

Karren Alexander
Retired, Federal Government Manager

"Annette can help you to get to your highest and best by removing your blocks, the worries, the fears and to really go deep in your success track."

Creator of Prosperity Code and Co-Host of Illumination Podcast

"Annette inspires others to lead and think creatively to overcome adversity."

Tony Hsieh
CEO / Author

"If you want to know how to communicate powerfully, have executive presence and really step up your game, Annette has been there and can show you the fastest path to get there too!"

Lisa Sasevich
Founder of Sales, Authenicity and Success Program

"After attending The Academy, I am now able to approach any group with confidence and know exactly how to integrate myself in smoothly."

Tina Palmgren
President, Excelling Your Business

"What Annette teaches in her proven system is practically proven with people all over the world. She is truly unique in all aspects."

Brian Tracy
Speaker, Best Selling Author

"If you have big goals and big dreams, and need confirmation and direction, you'll definitely get that with Annette. You'll learn things from her that you didn't even know you didn't know!"

Rochelle Sanchez
Owner of Cartier Raine Spa

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Best Selling Book by Annette Comer


RESCUE ME! How to Save Yourself and Your Sanity When Things Go Wrong

This best-selling book is a revealing true story of a sister who refuses to let her brother fail in his business in spite of many obstacles and mistakes. In RESCUE ME!, you will learn to simply and effectively ease stress, tackle fear, identify opportunities, find the right people for your team, and get what you want or need just by asking. The unique insights presented can save you and your business when things go wrong and lead you to a lifetime of success.

Trajectory and Momentum

I want women to shape the world and break through the glass ceiling of limiting beliefs into management and top leadership positions. Women are powerful and resilient. I want to help women maximize their gifts to the fullest degree.

Advanced training for the driven woman who desires to be a more confident and successful business woman and to be respected for the leader she is. Why do men seem to reach the top leader positions so much easier than women? It comes down to how they access situations, how they talk and how they train their minds to think quickly when evaluating risk.

If you could master these and tune into the vibes you project plus sharpen your ability to leverage your intuition, then your life changes forever. When you have these skills as a driven professional or entrepreneur, any dream you have can become reality.

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