The World’s Greatest Women platform offers a 3-day live Academy event for driven professionals and entrepreneur leaders who want to produce results and go higher, faster. Using a proprietary system, we deep dive into what you need to become a savvy business leader who knows how to play the game to WIN, without losing your authentic self.  The system equips you with the skills, tools and strategies you need to be a woman of influence and a strong unstoppable leader. 

This Academy has been developed for the ambitious woman who thinks, “It’s my time and I’m going to commit to myself. I’m going to learn and do things now, not later. I want to be in a room full of driven woman listening, sharing and learning how to be successful in the business world while also having a life filled with family, friends, hobbies and travel. Yes, I will make the time for that experience." 

The Academy will also give you the skills you need to turn opportunities into tangible realities. The topics will include how to effectively communicate with your male and female colleagues as well as how to communicate with employees so productivity sky rockets. 

You’ll learn how to no longer be blindsided by circumstances and people, how to fine-tune your work presence so your leadership is not compromised, how to 10X your confidence, and how to toughen your leadership muscles so you never appear weak or unsure. Plus, so much more. 

Amy, a top manager for a manufacturing location, works in a male dominated space.  Even though she has been successful in her career, she sensed that there may be things she didn't know or understand that could hold her back from reaching the C suite.  Listen to what she discovered when she attended the Academy.


Mary Pizarro, General Manager of American Foods Export Services, worked hard and was more experienced than anyone else in the company,  yet she was stuck.  She had tried to get to the top position in the company for years. And when she applied what she learned at the World's Greatest Women Academy, the top spot finally became hers to claim.  Let Mary tell you herself what happened.


Dr Sheri Prentiss, though well accomplished, was often ignored when she ask for support for her L.I.V.E. Today Foundation. But all of this changed for her after attending the World's Greatest Women Academy.  Listen in to what she has to share.


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