How To Finish Something Big You Start

achieve and thrive Jan 04, 2021

Do you hate it when you start something and don’t finish it?  In this episode, you’ll learn why this happens and more importantly what to do about it.  

Today we are going to dig into why it is so difficult to finish something. In my research and experience, I discovered there are 3 top reasons that hold most of you back from reaching your potential.

Reason #1:  Something beyond yourself

Without this, you get too much into your head and start the self-doubt. When it is about you, all your baggage comes into focus and it’s gets real scary. To get past this, make a mission statement of your why and post it everywhere….recite it…live it.

Reason #2: Trust in a force greater than you

When you have big goals and big visions, relying on your conscious mind alone is not enough. We all know as women there is a nudge…an inner knowing that we often feel.  This is the force greater than you. Test it – try trusting your gut on some small things. An example for me is trusting that the money would show up on many ideas I have. Often I don’t know how but I trust. I do the work and trust.  And guess what, the money shows up.

Outrageous Openness, author Tosha Silver, talks about it beautifully.  Giving thanks for what you trust is already coming is how she operates and the Divine Force delivers day after day.

Reason #3: Let go of total control 

If you’re a driven woman, you know what this is...this total control. For me, this is often the final step – to allow myself  to step into the flow of the universe – accept what you can change and be open to what shows up and let go of the rest.  This can be called surrendering. And know that it is exhausting when you fight the Universe – so for me, I gave into surrender out of exhaustion more than evolution

In the end we often call this “purpose” – my purpose is to elevate women like you with the skills and knowhow so you can become the top decision makers, business leaders and influencers of tomorrow. 

And when you know your why and are tuned into it, you will finish what you start!

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