How To Make More Money Easily

Feb 15, 2021

Money - We all want more of it.  And why shouldn’t we?  It can make life easier.  We can have more impact, be more generous and travel more. But having more money can seem to be a mystery at times. But there is one way I have found that works time and time again  - and that is to treat yourself like a bank. 

You might be thinking, “what do you mean Annette?  I’m not a place where money earns interest.”  And I would say back to you, “You are wrong.  You absolutely are an interest bearing account that can earn more money with the more you deposit.” 

The secret lies in confidence.  When you are confident, you show up differently. You make things happen. People want to be around you. Opportunities show up and you take bigger risks. And when you treat yourself like a bank you become more confident. And the stronger your confidence, the more power you will have to reap big money rewards.

I want you to truly think  of yourself as a bank account…one that can accept deposits, withdrawals and can earn interest.  Now that you see yourself as a bank account, there are three steps to making more money easily.

The first step is to Increase Your Valve.  Let me show you what this looks like.  When you look at your bank account, which do you get the most excited about?  An account that has $100 in it or one that has $10,000 in it? The answer for me is easy!  I get a whole lot more excited about the $10,000.

Of course we all do.  So how does someone get to a $10,000 balance in the bank account?  They keep making deposits on a regular basis minimizing worthless withdrawals – meaning making withdrawals that don’t make more money for them. 

To increase your value, or your bank account so to speak, you need to continuously invest in yourself.  This means investing in you becomes a priority – not the “if I have extra money”. I describe it as investing from the gold as opposed as investing from the scraps.  But be careful about waiting for someone else to invest in your bank – like your employer or their partner.  Waiting for someone else to increase your value – or in other words your bank account – is giving your power away.  

But yet, many do this because they don’t feel they are worth the investment.  But, I can tell you that the best return on investments of my money has been the ones where the money was invested in me.  Each time I made a smart investment in me, my value increased to others and I was able to charge more money for my skills.

The second step is to stay the course. This is all about making regular deposits as opposed to a one time deposit and hoping that it’s going to magically grow.  I see this happen so often with women.  They make one investment in themselves and then get disappointed because it didn’t turn out the way they expected. But what they miss is that nothing happens with one deposit. No bank account goes from $100 to $10,000 with only one deposit of $1000.  It takes lots of investment to reach the $10,000.

In my experience, there is a lot of guilt women carry about investing in themselves which is self-defeating from the get go.  It becomes a vicious cycle.  Is this you? Maybe you feel guilty so you don’t invest, then you feel guilty because you’re not realizing your full potential, and on and on. Part of the problem is you are often thinking about your children or your family, and forget about your own self-worth. This approach may seem like the right thing to do to you, but in the end, you are really being very selfish. Without improving yourself, you are not being the best you can be for your family.  And in the end, what seems like a win is only short term because the bank account eventually gets overdrawn. 

Staying the course means that you are responsible to continuously invest in yourself at regular intervals if you want the big balance to appear.  And with a big balance you can do more, have more and be more – for not only for yourself but also for your family. And more investments in you leads to more confidence in yourself.  And that all translates into value and what others are willing to pay you.  You just show up differently and people notice.

 Moving onto step #3 Earn Interest. When you make regular deposits into the bank account of YOU, you will not only start to earn interest but will in fact see a compounding value. The secret is to make regular deposits so the account grows.  And, if a withdrawal is made, it is done with a smart strategy not haphazardly. 

The place where women get in trouble is in the scarcity mindset and not feeling they are worth being a rich bank account who deserves regular investments. To make more money, it is important to create a routine around investing in yourself so you can earn interest that leads to big money and big confidence. And with both there is freedom and joy!

Thinking of yourself like a bank is the most powerful and important thing you will ever do if you want to make more money easily. It changes not only how you view yourself but also how the outside world values you. And then the money just seems to come easier.


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