What To Do When You Feel Like You Are Not Enough

achieve and thrive Jan 18, 2021

Ever feel like you’re not enough? Most women do at one time or another. The good news is you don’t have to be “more” to reach your dreams. But you have to be willing to trust something that is greater than yourself. This can be hard. Often it comes down to your need to be so dang independent as a driven woman. You often feel like you are the only one that can make things happen.You get caught up in your thoughts and completely ignore your gut feeling…the nudge.

I am not talking about ignoring rational thought but I am talking about learning to trust yourself and the feelings you have. What I call the nudge will often show up a nagging thought or sensation. It’s not the same as intuition but more of an uneasiness or reoccurring thought that keeps popping into your head. And it’s this uneasiness or thought that starts to make you believe that you are not enough.

So how do you recognize and act on the nudge? There are several things I have discovered you need to do to access this part of yourself which in turn, quiet down the feeling of not being enough. 

First is to challenge the belief that you have to do “it” alone, whatever that “it” is. This belief often comes from a feeling that others don’t get  you so you soldier on believing that you can only rely on yourself to get IT done. But in reality there is a powerful force you have access to that is always with you if you have the courage to explore it. Plus, if you have a big vision, it is dangerous to rely only on what you know because it can become true that you will never be enough.

But there is a Universal force that shows up as intuition that can be your powerful partner – the partner that makes you enough. You can tap into this intuition by moving from fear to gratitude. This opens a channel that allows your intuition to flow. So start each day with a gratitude list.  You’ll be surprised how refreshing this is.

Second is look inside for validation. When you chase the world for validation, you are building your idea, your vision, on quicksand. And the more you struggle the quicker you (and your idea) sink. The world’s validation doesn’t propel you toward a BIG vision.  It becomes smoke and mirrors and only creates more self-doubt and feelings of lack.

The secret lies within yourself.  And to tie into this secret- this inside validation - start with identifying your values and see if what you spend your day doing supports these.  If not, you are on the wrong track 

The last thing to do to stop feeling like you're not enough is to ground yourself. When you are well founded, you become like a palm tree. You can sway with the wind and not be uprooted. Grounding yourself is about self-acceptance. When you lovingly accept yourself, you are able to trust your intuition and the force that speaks through it.

I have found the best way to accept yourself is to acknowledge that each of us is responsible for where we are right now – the decisions we have made have been ours. The good news is you are a powerful force and you get to decide what tomorrow looks like. I challenge you to take out a piece of paper and l draw a picture of what the tomorrow you dream of looks like.  Once you have this picture, put things in motion to step into accepting that you are in the driver's seat. And that you are more than enough each day!

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