How To Change Self-Doubt Into Self-Confidence

achieve and thrive Jan 11, 2021
Does self-doubt pop into your head sometimes you go after something big? And how do you change this limiting self-doubt into self-confidence? 

Let’s start with recognizing where self-doubt comes from. Self doubt comes from deep inside you – from a place where you are not trusting yourself.   This can appear as a feeling that says you’re not smart enough or not good enough or that people will not be interested in what I am offering.

There are 3 steps to changing self-doubt into self-confidence.

Step 1: Believe that it is true

It’s so easy to believe that the success of you or your ideas are too good to be true. When you approach this way, any derailment will become your excuse to quit and take a right turn.  It takes the same energy to believe it is true as it does to believe it is not true. The best way to convince yourself that your success can be true is to make a list of all the things that you have accomplished.  Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. And there is something about writing down your accomplishments that makes self-doubt start to fade and self-confidence start to appear.

Step 2: Don’t rely on others opinions to validate you or your ideas.

Look at whose opinions you pay attention to – are they worth it?  Especially if you are going after something BIG and it’s not just about you. There is danger when you pay attention to others’ opinions. When you do,  your BIG purpose becomes about you!  And it is here that it is easy to get off course. Then you have to live with would have, could have, should have.The best way to stay in touch with something beyond yourself is to grab a notebook and start a journal.  Talk to the entity that is greater than you here. And you’ll be surprised how the answers and validations you seek will appear.

Step 3: Manage distractions

There are always a million things to draw our attention elsewhere. The more driven you are, the harder this is to manage – and the more important it is you bring attention to managing distractions. The Bigger your vision, the bigger the distractions can become – we create these to avoid moving forward.  It all comes back to the self-doubt.  So the trick is to become laser focused. One way you can do this by making a roadmap of what needs to happen to make your ideas come to reality.  On this roadmap, set tasks, dates and accountability points and then schedule into your calendar what needs to happen each day.

When you follow these 3 steps, self-doubt changes to self-confidence.  Instead of questioning yourself, you now see yourself marching toward your vision as opposed to running the other way with distraction after distraction.


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